I know what’s happening now…

I’m in love. When did this happen? How did I take so long to realize what was going on? He’s so untouchable and he’s everything that I want. I’ve spent the whole day obsessing about him, how suddenly he’s just perfect to me. For me. I need to see him, hear his voice. Hear him laughing. It’s ridiculous how he lights up my world when he laughs. Kind eyes and a dark side, moody but sweet. I can not stop thinking about him, wishing he would be mine. Mine mine mine. All of him could be mine. I already love his whole past and his present and I know I’ll love his future. Is he thinking about me? Lying awake, dreaming of talking to me, looking me straight in my eyes and saying “I like you”. I dream of you holding my hand in secret, kissing me in the dark. I want this to be ours. Only you and me. No one has to know in the beginning. Let’s run away for the weekend. Meet up in a city we’ve never been to. Hold me in the silence. I love you. Oh my goodness. I need to calm down. But on my house of stone your ivy grows, and now I’m covered in you.

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