The One Who Laughs

One of my earliest childhood memories is my father laughing. He has such a loud, friendly and genuine laugh, out of his belly, like he’s rejoicing full-heartedly at that particular moment in time. His name means ‘the one who laughs’ and that has been his outstanding trait from his toddler years.

My grandparents’ eyes always light up when they speak about my father, telling stories about his sweet antics, never getting into trouble, always string to do the right thing and make as many friends as possible along the way. When he hears the stories and realizes he’s the center of attention, he gets this shy smile and gives God all the credit.

He has been my father for 25 years and I have always imagined he was my first friend. More than a father, although he has been a magnificent father and always will be. He has been a friend and a confidant, always willing to listen and support, being patient and showering myself and sister and brother with undying, never ending and unconditional love.

I have been blessed with an excellent father. I consider myself blessed for having a wonderful relationship with my earthly father, it has made my relationship with my Heavenly father so much easier to comprehend. How to start saying thank you for my great fortune? My heart overflows with gratitude.

As I’ve grown older I’ve seen that things aren’t as rosy and magical, and even though I can now understand that my father who I always believed was 100% perfect, and I can see that he is a man that has also been unsure and made decisions he regrets, in my eyes he is still the best man and father I have ever known.

My prayer for him in the next season is for him to draw closer to God that he has ever been. For the breakthrough that he has known will be his portion to be poured out into his life. His life is only starting and I am so happy to be in the space where I am in now to see the great journey he will be on in the future.

Tomorrow on his 52nd birthday, I hope he is overwhelmed by the love of his family and his heavenly Father.

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